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Complementary material for Mean Field Control Hierarchy

This page serves as a companion to Mean Field Control Hierarchy Pfeil by G. Albi, Y-P. Choi, M. Fornasier, D. Kalise. We furnish the code needed to reproduce the numerical experiments included in the paper.


In this paper we model the role of a government of a large population as a mean field optimal control problem. Such control problems are constrained by a PDE of continuity-type, governing the dynamics of the probability distribution of the agent population. We introduce a novel approximating hierarchy of sub-optimal controls based on a Boltzmann approach, whose computation requires a very moderate numerical complexity with respect to the one of the optimal control. We makes available the code to reproduce tests, which compares the hierarchy of controls.

Numerical Tests


(Under construction).

(Under construction).


Related Literature


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  Giacomo Albi Pfeil
  Massimo Fornasier  
  Young-Pil Choi Pfeil
  Dante Kalise Pfeil

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