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Unit M15: Applied Numerical Analysis

John von Neumann Professor Peter Markowich

Markowich image

John von Neumann Lecture

On some (modern) Problems in Applied Differential Equations (MA 5323)

We present snapshots from modern research in applied partial differential equations:
1) semiclassical limits in quantum mechanics: Wigner functions and Wigner measures, WKB (high frequency) asymptotics, Bohmian measures
2) modeling of price formation in economic markets: free boundaries, Boltzmann-type models and their scaling limits
3) network formation in biology: a reaction-diffusion system exhibiting turing instability and some other interesting phenomena
4) modeling of human crowds: the Hughes (fluid-type) model, its scaling limits and connection to mean field games.

Educational objectives:

Educational methods: TBA
Media: TBA

Level: Master
Duration: 1 Semester (WS 14/15), lectures will be held from Jan 7 to Jan 30, 2014 with weekly exercises
Language: English
Exam: TBA

Prerequisites (recommended): none

Literature: TBA

-- SteffenPeter - 01 Sep 2014