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Submitted to peer-reviewed journal papers.

  1. Jointly Sparse Fusion of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagery - The J-SparseFI-HM Algorithm (with C. Grohnfeldt, and X. X. Zhu), submitted to IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Nov. 2015

Book chapters.

  1. An Overview on Algorithms for Sparse Recovery (with M. Fornasier), chapter in Sparse Reconstruction and Compressive Sensing in Remote Sensing, ed. X. Zhu and R. Bamler, to appear in Earth Observation and Image Processing, Springer, 2016, pp 76 [ .pdf ]

Refereed journal papers.

Published journal papers.

  1. Conjugate gradient acceleration of iteratively re-weighted least squares methods (with M. Fornasier, H. Rauhut, S. Worm), Comp. Optim. Appl. 65(1), pp. 205-259, 2016 [ .pdf ]
  2. Damping Noise-Folding and Enhanced Support Recovery in Compressed Sensing (with M. Artina, and M. Fornasier), IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 63(22), pp. 5990-6002, November 2015 [ .pdf ] [ Software ]
  3. Minimization of multi-penalty functionals by alternating iterative thresholding and optimal parameter choices (with V. Naumova), Inverse Problems, 30(12), December 2014, 125003, pp 32 [ .pdf ]

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