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Doctoral Theses at M15

Johannes Maly:
Recovery Algorithms for Quantized Compressed Sensing

"During my time as a doctoral student, I worked on recovery procedures for quantized compressed sensing. Though the field of compressed sensing was completely new to me and seemed more applied than I would have wished, the topic appealed to me more and more and opened my eyes for the applied side of mathematics and its direct connections to purely theoretical problems. The fact that I’m working now as a PostDoc in this field probably speaks for itself.

Having arrived at M15 rather by chance than by long-term planning, I have never regretted the decision to do my Ph.D. here. The whole unit has an open and friendly atmosphere and Prof. Fornasier is a great supervisor who cares for your personal development (not only in mathematics). He is eager to introduce all of his students to recent research by encouraging and financially supporting collaborations and international experiences. I enjoyed the time at his chair very much and can fully recommend M15 to anyone who is interested in seeing more of the academic world."

Date of thesis defense: June 25, 2019

Link to Ph.D. Thesis: [.pdf]

Currently: PostDoc at RWTH Aachen



Juliane Sigl:
Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares - Nonlinear Regression and Low-Dimensional Structure Learning for Big Data

"I started at M15 as a master student and decided to stay. During my doctoral studies at M15 I worked on iteratively reweighted least squares for statistics and machine learning applications. Prof. Fornasier is mindful of your personality and individual strengths. He trusts in your skills and gives you the freedom to choose your preferred research direction and follow your own ideas - in exchange initiative and an independent work-style are appreciated. I could profit a lot from his and my colleagues mathematical expertise, their network with top researchers in the field and enjoyed a lot the dynamical and international atmosphere at the chair.

Summing up my experience, during this time I was rewarded for my scientific work with publications in reputable journals, for my teaching with positive feedbacks of my students, and overall for going far beyond what I believed I was able to do, with a growth also on a personal level."

Date of thesis defense: April 11, 2018

Link to Ph.D. Thesis: [.pdf]

Currently: Working in medical device industry



Kristof Schröder:
Localized Kernels and Super-Resolution on Special Manifolds

Date of thesis defense: April 13, 2018

Link to Ph.D. Thesis [.pdf]

"During my doctoral studies, I worked at the Helmholtz Center Munich and was a Ph.D candidate at M15. For me as an external scientist, it was important to be part of the daily academic life consisting of fruitful discussions, seminars and conferences. Concerning this, the environment you find at M15 is outstanding. Especially, I was impressed by the international and dynamic surrounding, that helps you to get inspiring input and gain new insights from members of the chair and top international researchers with various backgrounds.

Prof. Fornasier supports and encourages you to develop your scientific interests within this vivid environment. Due to this, M15 has been a great place to pursue my Ph.D."

Steffen Peter: Algorithms for Robust and Fast Sparse Recovery:
New Approaches Towards the Noise Folding Problem and the Big Data Challenge

"You are not expected to "finish" your Ph.D. at M15. You are expected to work as a young researcher, publish high quality work in renowned journals, and develop personally and individually. The academic title is consequently a byproduct. While outstanding work is demanded from you, Prof. Fornasier supports you with his profound technical knowledge, financial support for conferences, necessary devices, and contacts to the best researchers in the field. He accompanies your way to your own scientific profile as a mentor, not as a boss. With the right dose of personal and technical advice, he is able to push you to your limits.

In my Ph.D. at M15, I had the opportunity to work on algorithms for fast and robust sparse recovery, and evaluate them on the SuperMUC cluster Pfeil in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR). A research stay with Prof. Baraniuk at the RICE University, Houston, allowed me to get insight into a different (scientific) culture. I could achieve my personal scientific goals in a very friendly environment among the other young and dynamic team members of the chair."

Date of thesis defense: October 24, 2016

Link to Ph.D. Thesis: [.pdf]

Currently at:
jambit GmbH Pfeil



Mattia Bongini:
Sparse Optimal Control of Multiagent Systems

Date of thesis defense: July 25, 2016

Link to Ph.D. Thesis [.pdf]

Currently at:
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics


"As a Ph.D. student of M15, I worked on sparse optimal control problems related to multiagent systems: I had the chance to work on cutting edge mathematical issues, collaborate and network with top experts in the field, and present my work at several conferences around the world. I chose M15 to pursue my Ph.D. title because I was impressed by the international atmosphere that you can breathe inside the group, the great interaction between junior and senior collaborators, and the diversity of topics on which one can focus on.

Due to this broad spectrum of interests, M15 has been a fantastic school where I have learned the necessary tools to frame and tackle the mathematical challenges that can be found in both industry and academia. I'm currently concluding a Master of Finance at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and I will be taking part to an internship at the European Central Bank (ECB) in the next months."

Marco Artina: Lagrangian Methods for Constrained Non-Convex Minimizations
and Applications in Fracture Mechanics

"My doctoral studies at M15 have been realized within the Graduate Program of the IGDK 1754. The main focus of the work was to develop efficient numerical methods to solve linearly constrained non-convex and non-smooth minimization problems, with applications in fracture mechanics. In particular, I investigated two aspects: the development of an algorithm that allows for finding critical points of non-convex and non-smooth functionals subject to linear constraints and the introduction of anisotropic mesh adaptations for an efficient and correct detection of the crack path. The three years doctoral experience at M15 and IGDK 1754 has been for me very exciting as I had the occasion of working in a truly international environment.

Although I had a limited time to develop my doctoral work, I have been strongly supported by my supervisor Prof. Massimo Fornasier, allowing me to conclude my thesis with several publications. Working at M15 was real fun, facing interesting mathematical challenges of functional analysis and numerical analysis, developing algorithms that may find real-life applications, getting extremely stimulating inputs from the members of the Chair, and working in a friendly and dynamic environment.

I'm currently working as a Consultant at Strategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KG."

Date of thesis defense: December 16, 2015

Link to Ph.D. Thesis: [.pdf]

Currently at:
Strategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KG Pfeil